The record was achieved on the 15th. September 2007. The record was for “The Longest Motorcycle Standing Ride With Honda Gold Wing 1500 cc” with super touring cruiser motorcycle, from Johor Bahru town to Bukit Kayu Hitam via North-South Highway with a recorded travelling distance of 933km. The recorded time to complete the task is around 10 hours and 45 minutes. Prior to the performance, the task was meticulously planned with strenuous practices and counter checked by my working colleagues and my beloved only son N. Velu. In actual fact, the whole idea of the event to create a new record in the Malaysia Book of Record (MBOR) was initiated and mooted by my son, N. Velu. He suggested and gave full commitment to do the event together with me but unfortunately he died in a road accident on 16th. January, 2006 in Johor Bahru where he was attending his career course.


Second record was evented on 26th. December 2010. The record was for solo riding “Longest 12 Hours Ride With Riding On A Honda Goldwing 1500 cc” super touring cruiser motorcycle at the Sepang International Grand Prix Circuit for nonstop 12 hours. The event started at 6.00 am and ended at evening 6.00 pm covering a total distance of 875 km with 165 laps at 5.30 kilometers each lap inside the grand prix circuit.

It was proven that during the trial run, the CEO of the Sepang International Grand Prix Circuit, Datuk Razlam Razali gave a green light/confirmation that the cost for the usage of the circuit will be fully sponsored and on top of that, he also extended instructions to his field staffs to cooperate during the event to clean the tracks and switch on the high beam mast lights for a better visibility of the track. The record was created by high esteem and courage to complete the task enthusiastically. Officials from Malaysia Book Record (MBOR) verified the event.

The CEO of the Sepang International Grand Prix Circuit, Datuk Razlam Razali officially launched the event. The event of 12 hours ride was certified and a record was achieved. Mr. T. Mohan of Ketua Pemuda MIC Malaysia officially did the closing ceremony.


The third record for “Longest Standing Motorcycle Ride from Komtar, Penang to Pattaya, Thailand” was created /achieved on 12th. February 2011.  The event covered a distance of 1,410 km within 18 hours.

The record was authenticated by “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” and for the achievement I was given a formal recognition and certification at “Ripley’s Museum” in Pattaya (Thailand). The record was created with the support from the Penang State Government and the cooperation from Thailand Government. Hard Rock Cafe of Pattaya was the official major sponsor with other minor sponsors from various parties from inland corporate companies and individuals.


Adventure Group Tour Round The Penang Island:-
Prior to other achieving Malaysia Book Record event in the year of 15th. September, 2007, I had also participated in a group tour riding event whereby as solo I rode while standing on a Honda Gold Wing 1500 cc super touring cruiser motorcycle organized by Penang State Bikers Week to tour round the island. I took the opportunity to try out riding while standing as to set an official time after several hours of meticulous trail runs preparing for the major record achieving event. I did the standing ride completing the tour in forty five (45) minutes and came first amongst the group of 500 and more big bikers. It was well appreciated and congratulated by the organizers and it was a blessing for me to perform other forth coming record breaking task.

Merdeka Expedition Adventure Group Tour – Standing Alone And Riding Round Peninsular Malaysia Including Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan Borneo

In this group tour which started/began on 15th. August, 2006 and which continued for 20 days, I again participated as one of the touring cruiser motorist and the only one who rode the motorcycle while standing from one point to another of every state, major cities and towns in Peninsular Malaysia, stopping only for an overnight sleep and rest. The group trip commenced from Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur and after completing peninsular tour, we finally ended at Kuantan, Pahang Naval Base after 4 days.

From there, on 19/8/2006 the entire touring group with the support and help of Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) logistic ship was send to Sandakan sea port in Sabah. After two (2) days overnight sea journey trip the group rested a day and commenced riding the following day beginning from Sandakan covering all the major cities and towns of Sabah which lasted for 4 days.

Thereafter covering the State of Sabah, the touring group resumed to the State of Sarawak by passing Brunei trunk roads for almost a day and continued several days journey going through the Sarawak roads round all the major cities and town via the trunk roads and some slightly rough terrain paths. The journey visiting around Sarawak lasted 3 days and we made a detour trip to Kalimantan, Borneo whereby a special arrangement was made at the entry check point to ride through their rough roads covering 100 kilometers. We halted for few hours before making our final return to Miri in, Sarawak safely.

On the seventh day the bikers were sent from Miri by the Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN) sea port base with logistic ship back to Kuantan, Pahang Royal Malaysia Navy (RMN) base. From there, on the twentieth day we reached Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur.

This is a very successful stand alone and ride experience in a big bike covering a long distance cross country journey and was well appreciated by other states in Malaysia and foreign bikers who participated along in that journey.

Solo Standing Ride Trip to Maran, Pahang:-

On 9th. May 2007, I began a solo trip standing and riding alone the Honda Gold Wing 1500 cc. super touring cruiser bike beginning from Juru, Penang Highway Tol to Batu Caves in Selangor and later proceeded to the final destination point to Maran Murugan Temple in Pahang and return to Batu Caves then final return to Juru, Penang. This is a personal venture trip with the help of friends who also escorted as road traffic marshals throughout the journey. This trip achievement was done solely for my personal satisfaction.


After my son’s (N.Velu) death and thereafter consulting with family members, I decided to donate my son’s main organs such as liver, heart, kidney and both eyes to long waiting sickly patients. The event was organized by the Rotary Club of Johor Bahru Central held at Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Johor Bahru, Johor. The function of official hand over was attended by her Majesty Y.A.M. Paduka Puteri Tuanku Besar Zabedah Binti Sultan Iskandar. The organs from my son, N.Velu were donated to four (4) desperately needed patients.

Other Involvement And Overall Participated Achievement

Involved Organisation
(Past 3 Years Record)

Malaysia Book Of Record - Solo Standing & Riding with Honda Gold Wing 1500 cc  from Johor Bahru  to Bkt.Kayu Hitam, Perlis covering 933 kilometers.

Recorded time, 10 hours and 45 minutes

Donour’s Father & Participant
Organ Donation Awareness Campaign –Organized By Rotary Club Johor


Committee Member
Mega Fortune Bikers Club

From 2006 to 2011

5 yrs
Committee Member
Karnival Amal Hari Penyayang  2007-Kedah.


Committee Member
Project In Making of Malaysia Book of Records-’Heaviest Weight Ever Lifted By A 5 Years Old Child’


Committee Member
Project In Making of Malaysia Book of Records-“Heaviest Weight Lifted by both hand Middle Fingers”- child category


Committee Member
Project In Making of Malaysia Book of Records “Heaviest Weight Lifted By Two Little Fingers” woman category,
(This Is A Unofficial Record Breaking- Guinness World Record)


Road Traffic Marshal
Mega Fortune Bikers Club DPMM Pahang Wingers Riders Ke Sg. Lembing.



Malaysia Book of Records-“ 12 Hours Non Stop Riding “ in Sepang Grand Prix Circuit


12 Hours


Ripleys Believe It Or Not-“Longest Motorcycle Riding” – Penang-Thailand



I have tentative plans to make another new Ripley’s Believe It Or Not record sometime in January 2012 in Thailand. This upcoming program will be also a solo cross country adventure journey beginning from Kepala Batas,Penang whereby the riding super touring cruiser Honda Gold Wing 1800cc motorcycle entire body would be covered/stuck with 1550pcs one by one inches of “Penang State Logo” stickers. The sticker sticking event is an additional program whereby it will be done by charity home children.

Following that will be the flag off program by VVIP with the help of the local traffic road marshal. I would be standing and riding alone via North/South Highway to Singpore,Bukit Kayu Hitam, Perlis. From there, I will be make an official declaration at the Malaysia Customs Department and Immigration Department at the border check point and from there on resume to Thailand. The Ripley’s official’s counterparts in Thailand will make the necessary prior arrangements with the Thai government and authorities to perform and complete the task. 

From Thailand I will also travel solo standing and riding to enter part of Myanmar,Laos,South China, finishing the end point there and make a return journey cutting across roads. Following from Laos I will return back to Thailand via Cambodia,Vietnam roads. I will travel via May Hong Song 1840 hill ride up and down gradient sharp corners in same standing and riding position and stop at Golden Triangle in Chengmai, Thailand. At Chengmai I will change the 1550pcs of “Penang State Logo” to “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” 1550pcs stickers. The changing of stickers event program will be done by their local charity home children.

The enduring journey will again continue from Chengmai and the partial stopping point at Pattaya’s Ripley’s Museum. There will be certification and recognition event at Pattaya Ripley’s Museum and there after I will preceed back straight to Kepala Batas,Penang and the event will finally end by carrying “Malaysia” flag here with “Malaysia Boleh” slogan.Welcome by VVIP.


This program is done for the due course of road safety, awareness cum participation and care for charity home children in Malaysia and Thailand.

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